2012 Holiday Internet Marketing Guide

Do you know the best days to market your products and services during the holidays? You should.

Experts predict that  the following days are expected to be the biggest online shopping dates of the 2012 holiday season (ranked by total revenue):

  1. Monday, November 26 (Cyber Monday)
  2. Monday, December 3
  3. Monday, December 10 (Green Monday)
  4. Tuesday, November 27
  5. Tuesday, December 4
  6. Monday, December 17 (Free Shipping Day)
  7. Tuesday, December 11
  8. Friday, November 30
  9. Thursday, December 6
  10. Thursday, December 13

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What’s Wrong With Marketing Automation Today?

We are all seeking a way to scale personal attention. The great promise of marketing automation has always been that it enables you to trigger messages based on a visitor’s actions on your site, ideally sending messages when they are most relevant, rather than spam. The promise of marketing automation has contributed to it having the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last five years (Focus Research). But despite its rapid growth, Marketing Automation has not yet achieved that goal.