Take Advantage Google AdWords Geotargeting

Got a business that only services specific areas? Looking to mirror your online investment by increasing media in paid search in those same areas? You can take advantage of certain regions within online marketing. If these goals align with yours, then geotargeting is for you.
Be smarter about managing your local business online. Web search and mobile technology is changing the way customers find businesses.

Create a Google+ Following of 10,000 Engaged Fans

A few months ago, Fraser Cain graciously shared how he took his blog from 0 to 3 million monthly visitors. What’s just as amazing is that he also created an engaged audience of 10,000 people on Google+, which some claim is a wasteland (Cain’s personal Google+ page has 145,000 followers as of this writing). In this article, we’ll learn how Fraser did it and what tips he has for people looking to take advantage of Google+.

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