The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Developers

Nothing is constant in technology except change.

If you want to be a highly effective developer, you can’t rest on your laurels, you can only dwell in the spotlight of your latest successful project until the next ‘new thing’ unseats your achievements, and you need to constantly be improving your skills—sharpening your saw, if you will.

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8 Mobile Optimization Tips for Multiple Screens/Devices

It’s 2012. We have a black president and a robot on Mars, but we still market to searchers the same way on all devices.

Many are wary of going mobile because they’ve seen lower conversion rates or believe that they could deliver a better desktop experience. But that’s not up to the marketer to decide.

More searchers are using their mobile devices and tablets to search for your products and services. You can and should cater to that.

The key here is to deliver a solid, relevant, and high-converting experience that matches the context and device of the searcher. Here are eight tips to help you out.

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