SEO Website Development, Mobile, Content and Wil Reynolds

There are a million and one ways to develop a website. When considering your options, check out these great articles on how to improve your strategy, execution and delivery!

  1. How to Create a Mobile Version of your Website
  2. 8 Tools For Easily Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website
  3. 46 Ways to Kill It With Content 
  4. Aligning SEO Strategy & Social Media Activity to Build Links
  5. A really great marketer: Wil Reynolds (learn more about this guy and “RCS“, you’ll thank me later)
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Developers

Nothing is constant in technology except change.

If you want to be a highly effective developer, you can’t rest on your laurels, you can only dwell in the spotlight of your latest successful project until the next ‘new thing’ unseats your achievements, and you need to constantly be improving your skills—sharpening your saw, if you will.

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